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Gesundheitsweste Work
Flexibel, anschmiegsam und diskret.

Ideal auf der Arbeit
Gesundheitsweste Work
Flexibel, anschmiegsam und diskret.

Ideal auf der Arbeit
Fitnessweste Work + Nackenentspanner
Fitnessweste Work + Nackenentspanner
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Sehr wirksam bei den meisten Nackenbeschwerden.
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The Active Health Vest in professional use


Profession: Dentalhygienist

Namn: Ewa
Ålder: 51 år
Yrke: Dentalhygienist,

At job
In her job as a dentalhygienist Ewa patient treatments, ranging from short visits to longer treatments.

Ewa mostly do their work sitting on a stool at the patient, and it is plain that she crouches over the patient in order to get close enough.

The use of Active healthvest Work
Ewa uses the vest Work at her job, where she needs extra help to get her posture up.

She uses it under his coat in 2-3 hours, take it for a little rest and lunch and then take it on after 2-3 hours.
Ewa thinks that the vest feels good both for short and long treatments.
She also thinks that it´s easy to take on and off.

Before Ewa tried the vest, she lifted her shoulders very often to help the patient.
It created an uncomfortable posture, as she lifted shoulders unnecessarily.
When she uses the vest she raises her shoulders as much as needed, and try to place the body closer to the patient rather than by advancing the stool she sits on.

She also used to crouch over the patient, which meant that she collapsed and easily became tired in the back.
With the help of the vest keeps her straight posture, but will still help the patient without problems.
Tandläkare använder Hälsovästen på jobbetQuote
"I have only positive feedback indeed!
You really feel that posture gets better, your stomach is pulled in, the neck is stretched "
says Ewa.

Profession: Preschoolteacher

Namn: Malin
Ålder: 43 år
Yrke: Teacher at
Öllsjö preschool

At job
In her job as a preschool teacher Malin's work is very diverse, for example, dressing the children, food distribution, farm guard, etc.

She often bend down when she has to help the children with jackets or picking up toys from the floor, and there is also a lot of lifting, which tears a lot on the back.

Spare time
Her spare time devotes Malin most for their children, friends and gardening.
Previously, she spent a lot of sports like soccer, floor hockey, golf and bowling, but have had to stop that because of neck problems.
She hopes to take up golf and bowling again when she has become stronger in the neck.

The use of Active Healthvest
Malin has chosen to use the vest Work, as it is the easiest option when she is at job, given that she is very active in its work on various tasks.


Malin says that it will be better in the neck and back as she uses the vest, because then she gets help to straighten up and do the movements correctly.
Instead of bending the back when she should dress the children or pick something up from the floor she now thinks of bending the legs, and maintain a good working posture.
Even when she has to lift the child, seats or talking with the kids at their height.
Förskoleläraren använder Hälsovästen på jobbet


"The best part of the vest is that the becomes smoother and it is easier to breathe. We have quite stressful job with a high noise level where even the shoulders easily go up to the ears :)"
says Malin.



Yrke: Truckdriver,

The Active Healthvest helps me a lot with the posture, especially in long hours in the truck when I would otherwise have a tendency to sag in the back with tension and stiffness in the back and neck as a result.


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